Basics of playing Dominoqq online

In the beginning

dominoqq is a popular game played both in an online casino and a physical casino. As the game is easy to play and understand, even for a beginner, it comes under one of the most played games in the history of casinos. Every player will place his bet on the pot. Once the betting process is over, the dealer will give three dominoes to everyone. A domino will be a tile-like material with two digits on its one face. The players should keep the numbered face facing themselves and hide from others. On seeing their set of dominoes, the players can decide to proceed with any of the following possibilities.

Bet – He can place an amount in the pot with confidence in his hand.

Call – It will be the act of a player placing an amount against the current bet, and inducing a showdown.

Raise – It will be the process of increasing the bet amount by placing a simultaneous bet, thus increasing the previous bet.

Fold- A player can decide to withdraw from the game and not to play anymore.

The objective of the game – Each player will look forward to getting the best possible rank with the three or four dominoes he gets.

Ranking method of Dominoqq – A domino will have two numbers on its face from one to six. The rank of the first round will be the unit digit value of the total of all the numbers in the three dominoes. If a player’s hand has tiles with 2-5, 4-6, and 5-2, then the sum will be 24. Hence, the rank of the hand will be four (the unit digit). At the end of the first round, if there are more bettors, then they should take an additional domino. There will be another betting round.