Aging- Works both for men and wine

When you look at a wine or read about it or even in movies, notice the older the wine, the more expensive and flavorful they sound. Aging is required to improve the flavor, the texture, color of the wine. Aged-wines are usually known as the full-bodied wine, as they have considerably more alcohol-content than the light-colored or light-bodied wine. These give a flavorful wine experience with just a sip. The process of aging of wine is known as maturation. It can be short-timed or longer, depending on the winery.

Here, we will talk about how the oak barrel can help in the aging of wine.
Certain wines need to be aged for longer, while most of them can be savored immediately, or after a small aging process of 3-5 yrs. Barrel aging is one of the old methods for getting the finest wine tour Tuscany. The wines get a particular flavor of the oak woods in the wine. The tannins, in the oak wood, get transferred in the wine giving it a darker shade and strong flavor to the wine.
The effect of tannins includes increasing the life of wine, or its aging capacity along with a silkier touch to the wine.
Since the oak woods get used for the aging process, they should be periodically changed. The medium-bodied wine with a subtle wine taste is aged in used barrels, which do not require oak in its flavor.
It is noticed that smaller barrels can give a better oak taste. While tasting wine even from Tuscany, the oak flavor can be distinctively smelt or tasted. The white wine gets a caramel or vanilla flavor with the oak, but the red wine gets a smoke or coffee or chocolate or like burnt sugar. The style of aging depends on the end product of wine making.