Download related facts about mobile apps you ought to know

Most people in modern times have mobile phones making mobile development to have a ready market for their apps. It is because smartphones are being used more than phones. It can be referred to as a mini computer that is handheld with a variety of features and apps.

Do you, at times, wonder which of the many apps is ranking higher than the rest? Are you aware of how many times an average person looks at their mobile phones in a single day? The following are some facts you should know about downloads on mobile phones.
• The projection of downloads when it comes to apps was over $269 billion by end of 2019. It can translate to about 33 apps for each person that is on earth.
• Facebook is the most downloaded app of all time. It is statistics that show the importance of social media and its implication for marketers.
• Before Facebook took the lead to be the most downloaded app, Google, YouTube, and Google maps were leading the show, with each having more than a billion downloads.
• The highest number of applications that are readily available download is on the Android Play Store. The approximate total is about 2.8 million apps.
• After the Android Play Store, the second in line with a higher number of downloadable apps at about 2.2 millions apps is Apple’s App Store. The reason why the App Store is at a low is because it has higher coding standards, and thus, it excludes apps that are poorly developed.
• The downloads from the Android Play Store tend to be more significant as compared to that of the App Store. The reason behind this is because people who own Android mobile phones are more than the ones who own iPhone. iPhone is in a higher class.