Your Cat Litter Mat Needs Cleaning Regularly

Your first option for maintaining this kitty litter mat pad is to simply dry it off outside and place it outside for it to air out naturally. It isn’t waterproof and even if your kitty fails to make it back to the litter box, it will soak up urine or vomit if the cat fails to get to the designated litter box every time. Your next option is to take it indoors to a do it yourself shop and purchase a wet cat litter pad. The problem with this is that the pad you are buying will be made from a hard plastic rather than something softer like an eco-friendly paper. If the cat has an accident on it, they could end up suffocating because it is too hard for them to breathe.

The other option that we recommend is to use a cat tree or a litter tray. These products are designed to be placed above your furniture so that your cat can climb on top of it and go in and out of the litter box when they feel the urge to urinate. We also recommend getting a cat tree in case the cats have accidents on the ground as it allows them to climb back down again, which reduces their risk of drowning.
Once you have bought your cat litter pads you will need to ensure that you remove any excess cat litter before using it. This will prevent bacteria building up that could potentially be harmful to your kitty if you leave it in the litter pan for a long time. Once you have done this, you are ready to move to clean it regularly so that the cats don’t miss it.